For providers of water & wastewater treatment technology, the most valuable company assets get in their car or on a bike and go home each day.

“If my building burned down tomorrow, the first positions we would hire back would be the Process Engineers and the Applications Engineers.”
-Vice President Human Resources, Manufacturer of Wastewater Systems

If you are serious and committed to a position being filled and/or under pressure of time; if a position calls for a confidential search and/or calls for demanding qualifications Wet-Tek can provide a pro-active, unique and professional level of service.

Wet-Tek has been a force in the face of the water & wastewater equipment industry for many years. We are humbled by the ongoing impact that individuals placed via our service have made in the development and growth of the water and wastewater industry that we serve.

Our method is to work in the most confidential of manners. We do not post resumes online. Many of the individuals who interview via Wet-Tek are not engaged in an active job search — Wet-Tek works to match opportunities with their personal search criteria. By doing so, Wet-tek has access to a pool of employees otherwise unavailable.

  • Low ratio of resumes submitted to interviews scheduled
  • Low ratio of interviews to offers
  • Proven method of assuring that offers made are accepted
  • Deep industry knowledge and network

From Journal AWWA June 2017:
What is this dance? It is a unique and complex relationship between equipment manufacturers, manufacturers’ representatives, consulting engineers, water and wastewater treatment plant staff, regulators, and elected officials that results in equipment sales.

This dance is not found in textbooks or taught in school—it must be learned through experience and is a required skill for any successful water and wastewater salesperson in the municipal markets.