Wet-Tek is guided by Donald Kerr, who has specialized in the water, wastewater & liquid treatment niche since the 20th century. Sometimes referred to as the Go-To Headhunters for water & wastewater professionals, Wet-Tek finds engineers, scientists, sales managers and executives for positions characterized by demanding qualifications, pressure of time and/or a need for confidentiality.

Located in New Paltz, NY, Don is an elected local official, contributor to leading industry publications and a fixture at water & wastewater industry trade shows. Nights and weekends have been spent inventing and developing a low tech community drinking water system for communities in the developing world. www.biosandbag.com.

Wet-Tek is a proud member of the Water & Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association wwema.org.

Wet-Tek’s employees are members of WEF and AWWA.